Are you having trouble with Ants?

Ants Appearance

Ants are one of the common household pests. Their size ranges from 3.4mm to 13mm long. The most common ant colour is black or dark brown, other species can also have reddish or yellowish coloration. The worker ants have large mandibles.

Ants Control

Facts about Ants

Successful ant control is best left to the professionals. It is important to know the type of ant causing a pest problem. Once the type of ant is diagnosed we can then understand its life cycle and behavior around your home.

Ant entry
– ants can access your home through the thinnest cracks. They are in constant search for water or sweet food substances around your home.

  • Ant scent trails
    – ants to leave a trail behind them that is chemical containing pheromones. This alerts others that a food source is ahead.
  • Ant nest
    – ants nest anywhere on your property inside, outside, in your walls, lawns or even your roof void.
  • Ant colony
    – an ant colony can have up to five hundred thousand ants in it. Ant colonies can pack up and relocate easily when threatened.
  • Life of ant colony-
    ant colonies can thrive and survive for a long time. Workers can live approximately 8 years and an ant queen will live up to 15 years.

DIY Ant Control

Most homeowners attempt ant control and are unaware that products available to the public only kill the ants you see. Professional ant control is designed to destroy the ant nest.

Ant Control

There are many methods used for ant control, some include:

  • Insecticide ant baits, this intercept foraging ants that think it is food, ants then take it back to the nest for the colony and queen to eat, these result in ant colony control.
  • Lawn sprays, many homeowners have problems with ants building mound nest on their lawn. To control this we apply a mist of non-repellent pesticide over the lawn. This pesticide takes 10 day to have effect. In that 10 days ants transfer the pesticide down under ground to their colonies.

Ants Nests

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