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Cockroach Appearance

They have oval shaped bodies and their bodies are oily to the touch. Their colour is mostly brown to dark reddish with a small head covered by a pronotum. They have six long spiky legs that allow them to run at any surface. They have wings flattened across their back with two long antennae. Male cockroach is usually smaller than the females.


Behavior, Diet & Habits

Cockroach is quite an adaptable insect in their environment but mostly prefer to live in warm conditions. Mostly active during the night foraging for food and water, they can be found in bathrooms, kitchen sinks if there is left over food left unkept, kitchen cupboards and in some areas around the home where there is access to food and water. Because of their flattened shaped bodies, they are able to easily transfer from one unit to another through the shared plumbing pipes. Cockroach communicates with other cockroach by leaving chemical trails in their feces. In a home when a large number of cockroaches are present it can be noticed through the mild musky odor in the area and cockroach dropping is also found in areas like the drawers and countertops, sometimes inside cupboards. Cockroach fecal staining is also commonly found. They feed on almost any food they find but is not limited to bookbinding and soap.

Treatments of Cockroaches


A female cockroach carries her eggs in her abdomen. The thin and long egg case carries about 30 to 40 eggs. It takes the cockroach 5 hours to lay the egg capsules. The eggs develop in three to four months. Females produce 8 egg cases in her lifetime and in some cases the female’s only needs to be mated once and is able to lay eggs all her life. At favorable conditions the female can produce up to 400 offspring.

More information

There are about 30 species of cockroach’s associated with human habitat and 4 of them are a major household pest: American cockroach, German cockroach, Oriental cockroach and Tropical cockroach.

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