Are you having trouble with Fleas?

Fleas Appearance

Fleas are tiny wingless parasite about the size of a dot. They measure 1mm to 2.5mm in length with yellowish to dark brown in colour. Some fleas may appear flattened; this is because they have not fed yet. Fleas who have been feeding appear engorged in the belly. Fleas have six legs like most insects and divided into 3 body parts: the head, thorax and abdomen.

Fleas Treatment

Behavior, Diet & Habitat

Fleas feed on warm-blooded vertebrates, because fleas have no wings to fly, their well developed back legs allows them to jump through the air from one host to another and also allows them to propel into the animals fur at a high speed to avoid the animals teeth and claw when the animal starts to scratch. Life cycle of a flea begins after a female flea lays eggs on the host. A female flea can lay 20 batches of eggs; it takes the eggs two weeks to hatch.

How to Detect Flea Infestation

  • Check your pets bed for flea dirt, they look like tiny black specks-this is a fleas fecal matter, the black specks are from digested blood that dried.
  • Observe for excessive scratching on your pet. If so, check your pets coat by spreading the fur apart looking for tiny black flea drooping’s, flea eggs and the flea itself. Most dogs react to the fleas saliva once bitten and can develop Flea Allergy Dermatitis that causes severe itching.
  • In severe cases of flea infestation the animal becomes anemic when too many fleas suck on their blood. Signs of anemia are: weakness and pale gums

How to Treat Flea Infestation

  • For Humans
    – avoid scratching the bite, wash the bite with antiseptic soap to stop infection and apply antiseptic ointment. To reduce itch and swelling, icepack may also be use in the affected areas. Calamine lotion is also effective to reduce itching.
  • For Pets
    – treat your pet with flea products available in the market: flea shampoo, medicated flea repellent collar, flea tablets and flea repellent powder.
  • For your Home
    – Frequent vacuuming of carpets and pet beds (dispose of cleaning bag after each vacuum). Pet kennels to be constantly cleaned

Fleas Cat

To successful eradicate flea infestation in your home, start with your pet, the fleas main food source. After treating your pet, Pest-Ex will then apply a pesticide across all floor areas of your home. This treatment is safe for humans and pets but not on fleas. This treatment will not only kill fleas but will leave a residue for the flea eggs when they hatch they will instantly be affected, resulting in 100% eradication. In heavy flea infestations, we re-spray 2 weeks after the first service.

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