Are you having trouble with Silverfish?

Silverfish Appearance

The most common colour of silverfish is silver, some species can also have slight brown to blue wash through their colour appearance. Their size can rage from 12 to 30mm and their body is shaped like a teardrop. They have 3 bristles with on their rear and two long antennae on the front.

Silverfish control

Where are they found?

Silverfish can survive in all climates but prefer dark or damp areas. Most homeowners find them in shoeboxes, cupboards, sheds, and garages and also your walk in wardrobe. Their diet consists of material including sugars or starch. They have known to eat glue in books, linen and silk clothes.

Silverfish reproduction

Silverfish reproduction can differ depending on species; some species lay a small amount of eggs per day, maybe 2 to 6. Where other species can lay 4 to 25 eggs. Their eggs are small and oval looking; they are approximately 0.8mm long and taken between 2 to 4 weeks to hatch.

How to prevent silverfish in your home

  • Remove any moisture in dark areas around your home, as they are addicted to moisture
  • Provide proper ventilation in your bathroom during and after showering
  • Remove junk in your bathroom and hang wet towels
  • Remove any still water
  • Repair cracks on the walls as it is a favorite hang out for silverfish
  • Hire a pest professional to regularly treat your property for pests including silverfish

Silverfish treatment

Treating silverfish successfully can be a difficult task as they are nocturnal and active at night. Treating of silverfish usually consists of applying a fine film of dust that contains a small amount of pesticide. This is lightly misted throughout the roof void, under and behind benches and cupboards. This way it is almost impossible for silverfish not to come into contact with the dust.

Natural Home Remedies on Silverfish

  1. 1. Lavender Oil- silverfish will retreat areas were the scent of lavender oil is present. It can be used in a spray bottle with water added.
  2. 2. Mothballs- silverfish hate the smell of mothballs. Place these mothballs anywhere silverfish is regularly seen.
  3. 3. Bay leaves- silverfish don’t like scent of bay leaves or cloves. Place these where insects appear.

These methods will deter silverfish but may not fix the population on silverfish in your home.

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