Are you having trouble with Spiders?

Spiders Appearance

These Eight legged pests can cause a fright or even a bite for you a family member or even a pet. Spider control is an essential part of successful pest management.


Spider species come in different sizes, colour and shape. Spiders are classified as anthropods. Anthropods have segmented bodies consisting of two regions the abdomen and cephalothorax. They have jointed limbs and their colour may vary with the type of species. Sometimes they are dull gray, brown, red mixed with black, greens and yellows. Their four pairs of legs are attached to the cephalothorax divided by another segment which may have one or four pairs of spinnerets attached near the abdomen. Most spiders have 8 pairs of eyes with some species the male are smaller than the female.

Behavior, Diet & Habits

Spiders commonly build sticky webs to trap their prey. Placement of the webs varies on the type of spider specie; most commonly they build webs in areas where insects will fly near. Once a prey land in the web they become instantly trapped and less likely to escape. The vibration on the string of web as the prey struggles to break free signals the spider of the prey’s presence. Some specie of spiders is aggressive and will hunt their prey instead of building sticky webs over the ground. Other spiders build their nest in the ground to trap arthropods and walking insects. Spiders produce silk to build webs to capture their prey, but not only that is the use of their webs but also to float through the air and enclose their prey and egg sac.


Spiders perform an elaborate style of courtship rituals to attract the female in order to mate. A male spiders main objective in his life is to mate with female spiders. Courtship varies from specie to specie; web spiders commonly use vibration to communicate with the female. Once the female recognizes courtship behavior she will be then ready to mate. Females lay their eggs in silk egg sacs consisting up to 3,000 eggs and attach the sacs in their chelicerae carrying it with her or hiding them in nest. The eggs undergo all their larval stage in the eggs sac until they become young spider lings.

Spider Eggs

Crawling or Hunting Spiders

  • There are many spider control methods used for Crawling or Hunting spider control, unfortunately spraying outside as a barrier for spiders has little affect, as the spider depending on species may not come into contact enough with the sprayed areas. As only a small portion of the spider touches the treated zone.

Webbing Spiders

There is however a variety of treatment methods used for these spiders.

As these spiders live more around or in the home Our Spider control professionals are able to safely apply pesticides to leave an affective residue. We are also able to apply a fine film of dust into wall cavities and roof void areas that will also come into contact with the spider before it sets up home in your home.

DIY Spider control

The DIY approach usually involves a (No Fear) member of the family and a cup or bowl or even a rolled up newspaper or magazine! This can result in disaster. To greatly reduce the spider population around the home a professional Pest Control company is recommended, Why?

  • We know the areas around your home that spiders love
  • We have a wide variety of pesticides and dusts to apply safely
  • We have 10+ years controlling these Pests
  • By the time a spider is in your home it will be affected by the products we have safely applied.

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