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Rodents are small animals with long tails, short limbs, and two continuously growing front upper and lower incisors and with robust bodies. They are the most common widespread group of mammals and are found everywhere. Considered to be diversified mammals they can be found not only on a variety of environment but also on human made environments.


Rats Appearance

Rats have black, brown and gray fur covering their body, except their tail, ears and feet. They have 16 pairs of teeth and powerful jaw muscles with two front incisors attached use for chewing almost anything. Their tails are longer than their bodies that measure 20 to 33cm long. Rats have excellent hearing and good eyesight.

Rats as a Pest

Rats have been known as a deadly pest. They spread diseases across the world and have done for years; they are blamed for the Bubonic Plague, A disease that rapidly spread through Europe in the middle ages.

Where do Rats live?

Rats can survive indoors, outdoors in sewers and drains, They are very discreet and are able to access your home or building very easily. They can nest in wall voids, stored food, boxes and roof voids.

Rat Control

  • Reduce food scraps as much as possible in and around the home.
  • Rat proofing external areas and entry points of your home to avoid entry
  • Rat traps to capture rodents
  • Chemical baiting using tracking powder and gels to act as food source

Our specialists can discreetly perform treatments and control methods to restaurants shops or homes in the safest manner.

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Product Reviews
Rating 5.0

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