How Best to Prepare When Having your Home Serviced

To get the best value of our Pest Control Service, it is important the customer should be able to provide access for our technicians to effectively perform the job. If you’re at the property when our Pest-Ex technician arrives it is extremely important to explain your Pest Control problem. This includes what pests are you seeing, and where.

The information below explains how you can prepare the area before our Pest Control Service visit.

Pest Control – Cockroach, Ant and Spider Service

  • Housekeeping like sweeping, moping and vacuuming is to be done before the booked pest control treatment date.
  • Store food items away from bench tops and table tops
  • Clear floor areas from any clutter and toys
  • Pesticides/Insecticides used have low mammalian toxicity and will have no odor.
  • You can be at home during a Pest Control Service
  • Are you pregnant? Have health issues? Or suffer from respiratory issues? As a precautionary measure it is recommended to vacate the area for a minimum of 4 hours after pest control treatment is done. This applies especially to young children who are at crawling stage and babies.
  • Close all doors and windows before and after treatment until the treatment has dried.
  • Pest-Ex technicians are well trained to perform the service specifically suited for your home. Treatment is based on the type of pest found and the extent of infestation levels.
  • We use the lowest mammalian toxicity of insecticides in most our internal sprays.
  • Empty any pet water bowls externally & refill after service

If you need any further information please call us or our technician can happily discuss your questions on arrival.