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How it works & our values

5 star service and expert quality pest solutions that last.


Contact us or send your enquiry

We’re here and ready to start learning about your pest or termite situation so that we can either provide the expert recommendation over the phone and schedule a service technician to attend to your property. For an expert consultation.

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We provide instant solution’s

Our expert technicians will ask you questions about your pest or termite situation so that we can best understand what services you may require. Feel free to ask us any questions. For pest related situation you’ll get a free over the phone or written assessment.

We’ll discuss family & pet safety

Your families & pets safety is of paramount importance to us. We’ll discuss this in detail to ensure you’re prepare for one of our very safe services.

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Termites? get a free in-person visit

Every termite challenge is different. You’ll get a free site visit as termite treatments are priced per meter of the external of home. We need to measure and build a relationship with client during the free site visit, we then discuss the verbal price and the office sends the written proposal.

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The pest & termite service

Once you’ve talked with our expert technicians you should have a high degree of confidence that our assessment is correct, this is because we bring decades of experience and practice to the table. You’ll then have a expert technician arrive at your home and fulfill the service. Our friendly expert technicians will explain again in person what to expect and answer any questions.

Receive preperation guides

You’ll receive detailed and easy to understand preperation guides so that you can enjoy and stress free pest and or termite service.

Receive SMS reminders in the days prior

We send you a helpfuly SMS remind in the days coming up to the service.

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Enjoy your pest & termite free property

Once the pest and or termite service is complete you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve made a great choice in protecting you property. Our customers have many great things to say about our service because of it’s effective-ness and the professionalism of our technicians.


Fully understand what to expect after your service

You’ll receive detailed and easy to understand material to ensure that you know what to expect now that the service has been complete.

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Our Values

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Family that cares for your family

Pest-ex is a family owned and operated business. Providing your family safety and peace of mind is our promise.

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Safety is paramount

Pest & termite control can seem like a daunting process for some but it doesn’t have to. Pest-ex uses highly safe procedures to ensure your complete wellbeing.

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Quality & exceptional service

We’ve help protect over 14,000 homes and customers are constantly surprised with the utmost professionalism of our technicians and staff.

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Rating 5.0

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