Frequently Asked Questions

At Pest-Ex we receive a large amount of calls from customers asking simple yet important questions, below we list some of the most common questions asked by our customers.

I’ve got a Pest problem, how do I know what it is and how to get rid of the pests?

If Pests are a problem for you you’ve come to the right place. If you have a pest problem you cant identify or find information about on our website please contact us directly with information and try to get a picture of your pest. We can assist quickly and have the specified service needed done at your property promptly.

Do I need a Professional or can I do it myself?

DIY Pest Control is always a cheap option but there are usually consequences, Many of the off the shelf products available for customers use products with similar active ingredients to the ones we use.

These products available to the public are usually 4-6 times less strength as professional products, This results in pests either building up a resistance to the product or taking a long time to get affected. It’s also important to know exactly the pest type and its biology as knowing this is essential to their control. Pest-Ex technicians have extensive training in dealing with pests every day, this results in an effective solution fast!

What should I look for in a Pest Control Company?

There are so many pest control company’s around it’s hard to tell a good one from a bad one. Fact is we’re not all the same. Do your homework beforehand and ensure the Pest Company can handle your pest problem in a safe and professional manner.

Start by checking the following:

•    Reputation of the company? Have you seen their brand or vehicles locally?
•    Do they seem to have a good knowledge about my pest problem?
•    Are they licensed and insured?
•    Do they guarantee their treatments?
•    Do they use contractors? (Contractors pay for their own products so be careful with cost cutting contractors using cheap brand products)

Is Pest Control safe?

If your using a reputable pest control company there is a good chance they will be using top of the line products that are approved for use in residential homes or businesses. Pest-Ex has undergone extensive training in application of pesticides in public premises. Our products used have no odor and when applied properly will have no impact on people or pest. Some of our customers include childcare centers and major food outlets.

I had pest control before and the bugs came back?

Pest control that is effective requires more than just spraying your home. Pest-Ex technicians are trained at identifying the pests that are at your home, and their entry points into your home. It’s one thing to kill pests in your home but it takes a unique skill at identifying their entry points into your home. This way we can treat them areas or modify the areas so pests don’t come back.

You’ll be surprised at our training and expertise.

How does Pest-Ex guarantee their Pest Control Treatments?

We offer warranties on our treatments –

  • Pest Control treatments – up to 12 months
  • Rodent Control Treatments – up to 3 months
  • Stinging pests – Contact Us

When will my Pest problem be dealt with?

Pest-Ex have a team of Pest professionals servicing all areas. Our office staff are highly trained at discussing your pest problem and deciding exactly what treatment you are in need of. Office staff will appoint a fully licensed and trained technician to arrive at your property to deal with your Pest problem usually between 1- days.

For infestations or safety concerns from pests its common for us to attend on the day.

What company do I choose to fix my Termite problem?

It’s important to select a trusted company when it comes to Termite treatments inspection or control.

Termite protection treatments usually come with an 8-year warranty. So be sure that the company will be around long enough to service your future needs if something should go wrong. In the past 10 Years Pest-Ex have treated thousands of homes for Termite Control.

Is Termite Treatment or Control safe for my family?

Termite bait systems are completely non-toxic, to you your children or pets. Chemical treatments are also used using the safest termiticides on the market; these treatments have no smell or no airborne residues.

Can Termites damage my house quickly?

Termites are on a constant search for food (timber), If they find a good food source like your home, they leave a pheromone trail for other termites to follow. This means within a period of 24 hours you can have thousands of termites attacking your timber frames piece by piece. Pest-Ex has been called to a home in the past that was still under construction and the termites had already accessed the roofing structure.

What Termite equipment and technology does Pest-Ex use?

Pest-Ex Termite technicians are equipped with the latest in termite detection equipment and we are also equipped with application tools ensuring if we do a termite control job, Its done right.

Our equipment includes – Thermal infrared cameras.  Termatrac motion sensor machine, Moisture scan tools, bionic ear listening devices, sounders, and best of all, our technicians- were trained at thorough Termite Inspections/identification and treatment methods. With this combination of equipment and staff rest assured your Termite problem is in good hands.

I’ve found Termites what do I do?

You’ve found Termites, don’t disturb them!

If you find them in an area and they are exposed, its important to cover them up and don’t spray them with insect spray, or they will retreat from the area and go elsewhere. Call us immediately and have a Termite technician visit your home. We will identify the type of termite attacking your home (as there is over a 100 types of termites in Australia) we will then assess the construction type of your home. We will then give you treatment advice and pricing options. Termite assessments and onsite quotations are at no charge.

Termites are they also the same as White ants?

Yes, Its common for people to call termites – White ants. Years ago the common name for termites was called white ants. They are the same.

Will my insurance pay for my Termite repairs?

No! Termite damage is not covered by home insurance. Some years Termites have done more damage to Australian homes than fire and flood. Termite timber warranties do come with Termite protection systems installed by Pest-Ex.

I can’t see any evidence of Termites – Do I need a Termite Inspection?

Its rare to see termites. thSmall signs of termites is almost impossible for a homeowner to spot. We recommend a Termite Inspection at least every 12 months. If you can see termites or their damage in your home there is a good chance they have been there for some time.

I want to talk onsite with a Termite professional?

No problems simply call Pest-Ex and request a free onsite Termite assessment.