Health and Safety

Safety for your family and our service technicians is our main priority, Years ago pesticides were so strong a simple spray around the house would keep all bugs away for 12 months.

The safety of Pest Control got a whole lot safer when organophosphate chemicals were removed from our industry, now since much safer chemicals were introduced into our industry our job became a whole lot harder.  Now there is an experienced skill and trained eye needed for effective Pest Management. After all it’s all about applying pesticides in the safest possible way and in areas that are out of reach for you and your family.

Pesticides used during a general Pest Control treatment are applied at such low rates; usually the active ingredient is less than 1%. Pesticides are now so effective they have the ability at killing small insects with ease have no odor and pose no threat to you or your pests.

During a Pest Control treatment the pesticide will have no odor and is applied with minimum droplet size at low ground areas. This ensures there are no airborne residues. This way there is zero chance of exposure to chemicals through breathing.

Treated surfaces

All treated surfaces such as internal skirting boards, drains and kitchen kick boards have application of pesticide during a Pest Control Service, and these surfaces dry quickly usually within 15 minutes. There is little chance of any exposure from these areas. The residue left on these areas will be toxic to small insects but pose no threat to you or your family.

Safety before a Pest Control Service

  • Ensure your house is generally clean and tidy
  • Floors mopped and as little against wall edges as possible
  • Close all windows and doors
  • If you have sensitivity issues, asthma or are pregnant it is considered a safety precaution to vacate the property of 4 hours. This is also recommended if you have a young baby that is of crawling age.

Safety after a Pest Treatment

  • Keep pests and small children off treated surfaces for 1-3 hours after application. Refill any pet bowls emptied before our Pest Control Application.
  • Remove any covering from fish bowls or tanks
  • Re-open windows and allow normal ventilation.
  • Avoid mopping floors for up to 1 week (Sweeping – Vacuuming is okay)

Contact Pest-Ex or your doctor for information if you have a health issue we can supply msds sheets upon your request.