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If you’re looking for pest control services on the Gold Coast, choose Pest Ex. Since 2006, we have serviced and protected over 10,000 homes, businesses, restaurants, cafes and schools to date, and have a reputation as service leaders in the pest control industry.

Our pest control technicians undergo regular, ongoing training to ensure you receive the very best, and safest in terms of pest removal, and prevention. They’re also well equipped with the very latest in pest removal and control equipment, including radar and moisture detection systems, infra-red, thermal imaging cameras and more.

Pest control on the Gold Coast is in high demand by homeowners and businesses due to our perfect climate conditions pests love it here to! Rest assured we offer the safest pest control treatments all delivered by clean cut professional pest control technicians.

Whether you have concerns about termites, cockroaches, rats or perhaps spiders and biting insects, Pest Ex can help.


termite treatment gold coast

Pest Ex also specialise in fast and effective termite treatment and white ant treatment and management across the Gold Coast. We also offer Termites inspections using thermal imaging, Termites when left undetected and untreated, can cause major damage to a property, which often results in huge repair bills and financial losses.

Gold Coast Termite treatment services include:

The Gold Coast is considered one of the worst areas for termites, in fact, Pest-Ex recently conducted a detailed study on the numbers of recent termite attacks and the Gold Coasts’ worst suburbs for termite attack.

Our qualified team at Pest Ex is highly skilled and experienced in being able to quickly and accurately, identify and treat any potential nests or infestations within your property. Through the usage of intensive thermal imaging camera technology, radar and moisture detection systems, we can examine your property from top to bottom, inside and out.

Pest Ex is the Gold Coast’s most trusted and most reputable pest control and termite treatment company. Call us to find out how we can help you today.

Termite Inspection Gold Coast

Termite Inspections on the Gold Coast are our specialty,  our detailed termite reports allow our clients to thoroughly understand the risk their home has when it comes to termite attack of and the safety of the home in regards to termite risk. Our inspectors are super thorough and termite inspections by Pest-Ex include

  • Termite inspection to external areas and yards,fences including trees and stumps
  • Termite Inspection to inside areas including the walls, ceilings, flooring, timber cabinetry, cupboards and other fittings, window architraves and door jambs
  • Termite inspection to roof void areas not from a ladder we actually crawl through your roof if crawlspace is available and asses battens, beams and trusses
  • Termite inspections by Pest-Ex also include photos and recommendations of lowering the risk of termite attack to your home.
  • Our inspectors are armed with the best tools to detect termites including thermal imaging, moisture scan tools & termatrac motion devices

Termite inspections not only determine if your home has termites but also allows us inspectors to check the current termite protection of the home. In some cases we will find homes are not protected and have a high risk of termite attack. Pest-Ex also will then offer a no obligation free quote for a termite baiting system or termite barrier for your home giving it the best defense against future termite attacks.

For all your termite related requirements please contact us!

We provide pest control services right across the Gold Coast

Pest Ex are your local and most reputable pest control and termite treatment company on the Gold Coast. All of our work is fully guaranteed, insured, covered by warranty and carried out by licensed, trained professionals. We provide prompt and reliable same day services to ensure fast and effective treatment.

For a complete listing of all the suburbs we cater for on the Gold Coast, please see below –

Common Pest Control Services We Provide

Some of Pest-Ex most common Pest Control treatments we provide on the Gold Coast are –

  • Yearly Pest Control treatments to residential homes.
  • Cockroach Spider Silverfish Ant and wasp treatments are common.
  • Real Estate rent roles require yearly services for all rental
  • Commercial high-rise buildings are also in high demand for Pest Control all year round.

Pest-Ex has a team with Fully equipped Pest Control vehicles and is commonly seen around the Gold Coast and in local areas. So if you need Pest Control, give us a call at Pest-Ex. We service all locations across the Gold Coast.


Choose Pest Ex for your pest control and termite treatment needs because:

  • We offer unbeatable same-day on-site service and communication
  • We ensure all of our work adheres to Australian Standards and our products are environmentally friendly
  • Our pest controllers are qualified timber pest inspectors (Cert 3 – Pest management technical)
  • We have worked in the local area for over a decade, and have serviced over 7,000 satisfied customers
  • We work with home and business owners, and have experience with a wide range of different types of properties including retail centres, schools, hotels, and cafes

So don’t leave your pest control in the hands of a less experienced or professional company. Call today, we look forward to hearing from you!

Questions About Pest Control?

  • Are your pest control products safe for pets?
    Yes, all our products we use during pest control treatments are considered safe if applied by our professionals. Our pest control products sometimes contain the active ingredient also used in dog flee & tick tablets. When our products are applied in a fine mist, we will always advise you to keep pets off the treated surfaces for a minimum of 2 hours. Safety for you and your pets and our staff is #1 priority.
  • Can I control termites myself?
    It is difficult to control termites yourself as there are several factors that contribute to successful termite colony elimination.
    • The type of termites that require elimination is vital as some respond better to baits, dusts, and liquids.
    • Inspection of the building and accuracy of active areas is vital, and this can usually only be determined after a thorough termite inspection has been completed.
    DIY termite treatments will usually always end up moving the colony elsewhere due to disturbance, also it is common for DIY attempts to eliminate part of the termite colony and cause further unknown damage to occur to the property.
  • Can you do your own pest control?
    DIY pest control treatments can be done by homeowners but the dosages and products available by local hardware stores usually only provide a temporary fix. The application equipment used by professional pest control professionals allows us to apply products correctly. Assessment of pest control entry points and types of pests is vital, this provides professional pest control technicians the ability to fix it right the first time. Most products available to the public are non-repellents offering a fast knockdown and little long-term residual. We recommend against attempting pest control yourself and to invest in a 1-time professional solution.
  • How long does a pest control treatment last?
    Pest control treatments last for 6-12 months if done correctly using the good quality non-repellent products. Remember pest control is not an invisible force shield around your home there are times when you will see a pest but as soon as pests travel through or into our treated zones they will die off before an infestation starts. Pest control these days is now pest management, managing pests the safest and most effective way using products that pose minimal or no risk to homeowners or pets.
  • Do our pest control chemicals smell?
    No, our pest control products we use have nil odour, unlike the 1990s when organochlorine chemicals were used. Today we use no odour non repellent chemicals. These chemicals are undetectable to pests, so they naturally travel across treated surfaces and become affected as normal. Smelling products usually are poor quality and are repellent products used for fast knockdown only therefore will not provide a long-lasting residual.
  • How much is a pest control treatment?
    Pest control pricing usually depends on the size of property to be serviced and the service required, Inclusions for a full-service pest control treatment are:
    • Internal external perimeter spray
    • Roof void dusting treatment
    • Gel baiting to cupboards and drawers necessary
    • Wall cavity dusting void treatment
    • Fence lines/letterboxes
    Pricing for residential homes -expect to pay $190-$220 inc Gst Pricing for residential duplex/townhouse – expect to pay $150-$180 inc Gst Body corporate? Commercial pest control cost – Call Pest-Ex only use premium products that have no smell and are long lasting and we back our full pest control service with a 12-month warranty.
  • How often do I need a termite inspection?
    Australian Standards AS3660.2017 recommends a termite inspection to residential homes and buildings at least annually. High risk homes (Homes that have had a past termite issue or those near bushland or affected gardens/landscaping) Will require a termite inspection 6 monthly. The purpose of a termites is not only to determine if your property has termites, but also identify risks or areas that are conducive to termite attack. Most homeowners are unaware they have 3 or 5 areas around the home that will attract termites. So regular termite inspections are essential. What are the signs of termites? Signs of termites will usually appear visible once termites have become established in a home or building for some time. Signs of termites in a home may include the following-
    • Bubbling of window frames or skirting boards
    • Brown stain or softness in lower walls
    • Mud trails going up external walls
    • Mud trails internally
    Early signs of termites usually include a clicking sound in the walls or window frames door frames or skirting boards.
  • What to do if I have found termites?
    Found termites? Do not disturb them, it’s extremely important not to disturb termites if you find them. Contact Pest-Ex and we will provide a free call out and determine the following.
    • We need to determine the type of termites at your property
    • We then determine the building structure and slab type of the home
    • We determine if baiting or liquid treatment will be best suited
    • We measure your homes perimeter for exact pricing on perimeter protection
    With all the above factors we then apply a fixed price termite elimination and control program for your home or building. All quotations are free no obligation quotes, so contact us for all your termite concerns.

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