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Wasp removal & treatment

Wasps and nests can pose a serious threat to your family, wasps usually will have a nest nearby on the under side of guttering or in nearby hedges or gardens.

Its common for homeowners or children to get stung by wasps when either mowing yards or even when the kids are playing in the yards. Wasps can be aggressive and should be treated as soon as possible.

There are 2 main types of wasps that cause concern for Australian homeowners and businesses.

Paper wasps

These wasps are brown and have yellow markings across the body, they grow to 2cm in size and are common across Australia. They make a cone looking nest and can become overly aggressive when a person or pet comes close to their nest. They produce a very painful sting.

European wasps

These wasps are much thicker than a paper wasp and can sometimes be confused with a bee, these wasps can grow up to a length of 3.3cm and produce a very painful sting and can sting repeatedly. People who have been bitten by these wasps usually feel a burn where bitten.

Allergies or risks to stings:

Wasp stings can be harmful or even fatal to some people due to the body’s reaction when bitten, severe stings can cause allergic reactions or anaphylaxis.

Wasp Treatment:

There is no long-term residual treatment for wasps, the main treatment for wasps is a spray treatment usually directly onto the nests. This will eliminate the wasps and their larvae in the cone nest to stop reproduction stages.

Wasp treatments will eliminate the current activity but there is very little that can be done to prevent future wasp activity as they are airborne pests that fly in.

For more info on wasp treatments please contact us to discuss.


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