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Got Termites?
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Termite Services

Termite Inspection

Pest-Ex has performed more than 9,000 termite inspections. Our team of skilled professionals can assist you in the early detection of termites. We use thermal imaging  cameras and can advise you on the best way to keep termites out.

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Termite Baits

Pest Ex use termite baiting systems to eliminate termite colony’s before they attack your home. Our termite bait system programs are affordable and a common choice by homeowners wanting non toxic termite control.

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Termite Barriers

Termite barriers offer the ultimate long term protection for your home. Depending on your homes construction type will depend on what barrier is suited best to protect your home. Termite liquid barriers offer 8 years complete protection against termites.

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Termite Inspection

A termite inspection will determine if your home has termites or evidence of past termites and the threat of future attack form termites. Our inspectors are armed with years of local knowledge and the latest tools of the trade including thermal imaging cameras.

Termite Bait Systems

Our experts are experienced at eliminating and protecting your home from termites using termite barriers and termite baiting systems. All homes are different so we will recommend the treatment system suited best for your home.

Termite Barriers

If you have had termites in the home an external termite protection barrier zone is essential if you don’t want a re-infestation of termites. Option 1 treatments get the termites out of your home; option 2 treatments keep them out.
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Pest Control

Complete Pest Control Service
Includes internal – external – wall cavity – roof voids and subfloors
Safest Products Used
12 Month Warranty
From $180

Termite Inspection

Complete Inspection with detailed photo report
Internal – external – subfloor  – roof voids inspected
Includes termal imaging camera scan
From $190

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Book a technician onsite to discuss your termite or pest control quote needs.
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Termite Inspections

A termite inspection will usually take 1-2 hours on a standard sized home. This time will vary depending on your home type. If your home has a sub-floor we will need to inspect under the property for access also. Depending on our findings, there may also be further time and additional detection equipment needed to determine the results of your inspection.

For example – if we find high moisture areas within a section of wall or bathroom areas, we will need to investigate these areas further. High moisture is common during inspections and especially on homes over 10 years old. When we find abnormal moisture readings we need to determine if it’s a water leak, or live termites in the home. Termites give off heat and also moisture. This is what our detection tools detect during an inspection. We then use thermal imaging to detect if there is heat from a termites nest in the wall or moisture from a plumbing leak.

We then finalize the presence of termites by using a motion sensor machine called Termatrac. This machine works on a radar frequency and will detect the motion from 1 termite in the wall. The motion will set of the machine and give our technicians conformation of live termites in the home. It is also common for homeowners to want to see the termites. We then use a inspection camera scope that pierces through the wall and allows for a color screen view of the termites.

Eliminating Termites

Stage 1 Termite Barriers vs Termite Bait Systems

Treating the termites in your home is step 1 in successful termite protection. This can take anywhere from 21 days to 8 weeks depending on what treatment is done internally.

  • Termite dusting or foaming is a treatment option that will take around 21 days to have internal control. This option is recommended if there are a large amount of termites attacking the home as many termites will contact the dust and foam and transfer it through their entry point
  • Termite baiting is also an option if there is not a large number of termites attacking the home, Termites will feed on a bait box installed by us and feed the bait back though their entry points and back to the nest, This takes longer to eliminate the termites as the bait slows the termite molting process. Once the termites consume enough bait it softens their mouthparts so they cant eat timber.

termite-barrier-pest-ex (1)

Stage 2 External Treatment Options

If you have had termites in the home an external termite barrier protection zone is essential if you don’t want a re-infestation of termites. Option 1 treatments get the termites out of your home; option 2 treatments keep them out.

  • Depending on the construction type of your home you will be recommended a termite barrier or termite baiting system.
  • Termite barriers are a liquid termite treatment barrier around the perimeter of your home; this makes termites pass through the liquid treated perimeter zone before they get to your home. The chemical used is usually a non-repellant slow acting chemical that takes 20 days to affect the termites, this allows the termites to pass it back through the nest and eliminate the termite colony.
  • Termite baiting systems are designed to intercept termites traveling through the soil around your home, Then our team of professionals will service the bait system around the property on a monthly basis, Any active termites we find in the bait system are fed with a bait to spread back to the nest. This results in colony elimination.


There are many different types of termites that inhabit South East Queensland, and all of them are known to be highly destructive to properties. It has been estimated that up to a third of unprotected homes and businesses across Queensland might be affected by termites at any one time.

Essentially termites eat and digest timber to provide food and build nests for the termite colony. They can enter a property through tiny gaps in flooring, eating their way through obstacles, and prefer to make their nests in relatively inaccessible and quiet areas of a property such as wall cavities. The damage they can inflict on an unprotected property includes:

  • Creating serious structural problems by weakening timbers – termites work by eating out the middle of wood, leaving only a thin shell for protection around them as they work
  • Buckling or distorting floorboards and joinery such as windows and skirting boards
  • Their hidden nests can create damp areas on surrounding areas, with a danger of mold growth
  • Faulty and damaged electrical cables, leading to a serious fire hazard

Unfortunately, termite numbers in just one nest can sometimes add up to hundreds of thousands, meaning that their rate of destruction can be rapid in the right conditions. This is why it is so important to have a termite infestation handled quickly and efficiently by professionals who can do the job right the first time.

Checking For Termites

It’s generally the case with pests that if you see one or two crawling around your home or business there are bound to be more – in fact in the case of termites, there may literally be millions of them lurking in hidden areas in and around your property.

Termites and their nests can be particular difficult to locate without formal training simply because they are very good at hiding in areas you would never even think to check, or may not even have access to (or need specialist equipment to reach).  The destruction that termites cause as they work their way through your property can be easier to spot, and includes:

  • Buckled timber posts,ceilings and internal joinery
  • Crumbling or rotting timbers
  • Damage of wallpaper and walls
  • Signs of the earthen mounds that form the termites’ nests, and damp patches or areas around the nest
  • Damage to electrical cabling and wires
  • Evidence of termite activity in tree stumps, fencing, landscaping features and the soil

If you do find evidence of termite activity, it is important to not just assume you can get rid of them with a can of insect spray.  Without proper identification by experts and the proper use of termite control chemicals and baiting systems, termites may simply resist your attempts to get rid of them.  Even worse, disturbing them may actually drive them to seek out new, more hidden locations on your property.

Following your inspection, our team member will supply you with a written report and give you recommendations to reduce or remove high risk areas.

Common areas of infestation

  • Formwork timbers
  • Stored timber or cardboard
  • Damp soil
  • Inaccessible areas or low to ground flooring voids
  • Retaining walls with railway sleepers
  • Bushland and/or large trees in close proximity to your home

Guaranteed 100% Termite Elimination

Termite Warranties are important. They give you peace of mind should any problems arise. Pest-Ex are accredited installers of Termidor, the number one trusted brand in termite control barrier treatments.


Termites are an everyday part of life in Southern Queensland, thanks to its abundant wilderness areas and warm, semi-tropical climate. For property owners this can mean the possibility of finding these dangerous pests in or around your home or business on a regular basis. This can lead to time-consuming and costly detection and removal services, or even property repairs if the termites have been left long enough to do serious damage.

Getting proper long term termite protection for your property is essential, and having an expert such as Pest Ex come and assess your needs and recommend the right solutions can save you thousands of dollars in the future. We’ve been providing high quality termite services to Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Logan City for over 10 years, and are the number one choice for thousands of customers in the region.

We offer a range of market-leading termite protection services, including baits, physical and chemical barriers and steel ant capping.