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Termite treatment & control

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Termites & Risk

Termites could cost you your property

What if I ignore termite inspections?
Termites are silent destroyers, and usually homeowners will never even know their home is being attacked by these destructive pests, unless a termite inspection is completed by a professional

Structural damage
Termites destroy homes and consume most wooden building materials such as hard wood, pine frames, trusses window frames and skirting boards

‘Super termites’ in Australia
Mastotermis Australia’s super termites were discovered in a home recently by Pest-Ex in SEQ. The CSIRO confirmed the findings

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Most common termites we encounter

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Coptotermes termites




Very high risk


Coptotermes are considered Australia’s most destructive widespread termite. They nest underground in large colony’s and are a serious threat to any timber house or structure. Termite baiting is a common treatment for these termites

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Schedorhinotermes termites




Very high risk


Schedorhinotermes are highly destructive termites that consume hard and softwood timbers including homes, landscaping and old timber bridges. These termites are known to nest under home slabs or usually in the base of a tree root system.

termite wings

Flying Termites




Very high risk


Flying termites are also known as elates “future kings and queens” They fly out of the colony and start reproduction. It is common after rain in afternoons to find these flying around doors and windows, if you see these its time for a termite inspection

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Nasutitermes termites




High risk


Nasutitermes are a hardwood eating termite, these destructive termites usually make dark mud nests in trees and will consume hardwood very fast. These termites are fast movers and will make mud trails over anything to get to hardwoods

How Pest-Ex Detect termites and protect homes against termites

Termite Inspections

We inspect homes for termites using the latest in termite detection technology including termatrac t3 motion sensors, thermal infrared cameras and other moisture detection devices. Our professional termite inspections include detailed photo reports on all findings.

For more information on Termite Inspections, click here.

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Termite Bait Systems

  • Guaranteed to eliminate the termite colony
  • Non toxic and minimal disturbance to yards and paths
  • Eliminates termites 24/7 through feeding process
  • Contact us for a free site visit and quote.

For more information on Termite Bait Systems, click here.


Termite Barriers

Termite barrier treatments provide long-term protection against termite attacks. We use Termidor on all barrier treatments and will provide a written warranty on workmanship with a 5-8 year warranty. Pest-Ex technicians are all accredited, Termidor operators.

For more information on Termite Barriers, click here.

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Termite chemicals

  • All soil termite barrier treatments are done using termidor the worlds #1 termiticide
  • Termidor is non staining and has no odor or smell
  • Internal baiting treatments are completely non toxic
  • In ground termite baiting stations contain cellulose tablets that wont harm your family or pets.
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Termite Inspections when done by pest-ex
  • All termite inspections conducted using Termatrac T3 machine or thermal imaging
  • Thorough inspections by Pest-Ex include internal and external areas, roof voids yards fences and subfloors if applicable
  • Detailed reporting including photos on findings and recommendation's to lower your termite risk
Termite Inspections when done by Some of our competitors…
  • May not use thermal imaging or termatrac T3 motion device
  • May inspect house only
  • May only provide a small generic tic questionnaire form
Termite treatments by Pest-Ex when done by pest-ex
  • We provide unbias recommendations on termite treatments designed specifically for your home. You will get honest advice by our termite specialists
  • No contractors: We dont hire contractors to do our digging, all treatments are done by our licensed insured professional termite staff.
  • We have the best in termite detection and treatment tools including core drill machines and don't outsource trades
Termite treatments by Pest-Ex when done by Some of our competitors…
  • Some companys will favour 1 product for all termite treatments regardless of your homes construction type
  • Its common for some company's to use labor hire firms to do the hard work, its important to have termite technicians on the job from start to finish
  • May not invest in expert detection tools and staff training
Warranty Badge

Guaranteed 100% termite elimination

Termite Warranties are important. They give you peace of mind should any problems arise. Pest-Ex are accredited installers of Termidor, the number one trusted brand in termite control barrier treatments.

Need honest advice on termites? We can help

Honest advice on termites

Free in-person time with an expert
We can visit and discuss your termite concerns in person, its best to see and know exactly what your termite situation is, and then provide honest advice on what is best for your home

Wide range of treatment options
We are experienced in all termite treatments including: termite barriers, termite baiting systems, termite foaming and dusting treatments so rest assured you will get the right recommendation’s

Licensed and insured professionals
We are experts at what we do, 14 years of building a solid reputation has earned us a trusted name when it comes to termite control.

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