Article posted on July 01, 2021

End of Lease Pest Control – What do you need to know?

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End of lease pest control is a service that may be required by the tenant before they vacate a rental property.

What is the reason for end of lease pest control?

Tenants will usually be required by their real estate to complete a pest control service before they vacate the rental property and hand over the keys to the real estate. The reason for this is “pest control is usually a yearly service throughout Australia” and having a pest free home will ensure no pests are in or around the home when a new tenant moves in.

Yes, you are paying for a pest free environment for the new tenant, but chances are it was done just before you moved into the property, so you move into a pest free home/environment.

Is tenant responsible for pest control ?

Yes: if you are vacating a property that you have had pets in, and sometimes yes even just when vacating the property. (Check on your rental agreement if it is required as some real estate agents’ may only ask you to do the service if you have had pets.

No: If your living in the rental property and start to have a pest control issue it should be the real estates responsibility to either get the property pest control serviced, or if it had a end of lease pest control treatment the problem will be under “warranty” service from the last pest company as usually the treatment will come with a 6-12 month warranty. (Check your rental agreement)


What you need to know before booking an end of lease pest control service?

What you must clearly know is that some real estate agents will require you to do a full pest control service to basically ensure the home has been left pest free for the new tenants. This way if new tenants move in and there are pests it will not be an unexpected cost for the landlord and it will come under a warranty service by the pest control company.

If you have had pets such as a cat or a dog, you may only be required to have an end of lease flea treatment.

End of lease flea treatments are required if you have had pets inside or out such as a cat or dog. This ensures the new tenant will not move into a flea infested home.

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What you need to ask your rental agent?

  • Are you to provide a pest control service receipt?
  • Or are you required to provide a flea control receipt due to having pets?

This will save you money if you be specific with what the real estate requires, for example- If you pay for a full pest control service and provide the receipt to the agent, they may reject it as they may only be requiring an end of lease flea treatment.

If you have had pets, chances are you require a flea only treatment.

If you have not had pets, chances are they require a pest control only treatment.

What is the difference of the end of lease treatments?

Pest control treatment will be targeted at cockroaches/spiders/ants and include treatment internal/external and the roof void.

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Flea control treatment- This will be an internal floor spray to carpeted areas and timber/concrete flooring areas if applicable. If your pet has been outside, you may be required to get external sprayed also. It pays to get specific info from your agent on what they required, or you may not get your bond back.

What is the cost of end of lease pest control?

The cost for an end of lease pest control service will vary from $180- $220.

The cost of a end of lease flea treatment will vary between $180- $220

If you require an end of lease pest control, please feel free to contact the team at Pest-Ex.

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