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For ten years Pest-Ex has taken pest control seriously. We've protected over 14,000 homes over the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. Our tropical climate provides perfect conditions for these pests to thrive! For more info, research your pest below.

Termite Inspection, Pest Control Gold Coast and Brisbane

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If you are experiencing problems with pests such as termites, insects, bugs, vermin, spiders or creepy crawlies invading your Gold Coast premises? If you are seeking an inexpensive and effective pest management team on the Gold Coast then you have come to the right place!!
Our team at is a highly professional and well respected local business. We service the Gold Coast and Brisbane region, where we have built a reputation as being the best in the business when it comes to eliminating unwanted
termites and creatures from your home.

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A Gold Coast Pest Control professional is familiar with the kinds of species that are unique to the environment in South East Queensland. This ensures that predicable trends in the native life cycle of bugs like termites can be managed before they can cause damage to your home and garden.


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We personalise every Pest Inspection.

Each inspection is different and in some cases may be part of a residential
tenancy agreement. Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control should be specified in the lease agreement along with additional pest control, e.g. flea treatment (if the tenant had pets). This is why our management professionals will carry out a variety of inspections to suit the needs of the customer. We specialise in Termite Inspections Gold Coast.

Choose #1 pest control Gold Coast company and Say goodbye to your unwanted visitors for good!

Exterminating and removing the bugs, termites and rodents from your Gold Coast home is only the first part of a vermin management program. The next step is to ensure that the problem does not occur again. Invaluable information like regular carpet cleaning, removing foods like timber from the garden and Termite Inspections due every 6 to 12 months will ensure that your property will remain problem free and clean well into the future!

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Pest-Ex finds Super Termites on Gold Coast

Danny Kelly and the team warns South East Queensland of the impending Super Termite attack which has been triggered by unusually wet winters. Watch this snippet from Today Tonight to learn more about The Super Termite (Mastoterme darwiniensis) and how it has spread from Darwin.


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