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Article posted on May 19, 2021

Chemical Termite Barriers 101 – How They Work, Safety, Installation and Cost

It’s estimated that as many as 1 in 3 properties in Australia are affected in some way by termites. It’s also estimated that at least 50% of homes with active infestations, could have been better protected through the implementation of precautionary measures, such as barriers baits and traps.

Unfortunately however, this is not always the case.

Termite infestations, especially those left undetected, can cause significant amounts of structural damage which often results in costly repair bills. This is why, its absolutely vital that property owners take every means possible to protect their homes and businesses from being affected.

One of the most effective preventative treatments is what’s known as a chemical termite barrier

What is a termite chemical barrier?

A termite chemical barrier is a chemically treated zone that surrounds the perimeter of a building or structure. This treated zone lays beneath the ground, positioned strategically in an effort to disrupt the termites natural path.

The chemicals used to create this barrier prevent the termites from breaching the treated area, and gaining access to your property. Termites that come into direct contact with the treatment are killed off, and also, over time the entire colony is killed off as the effects of the treatment are passed between the termites themselves.

This is what makes this treatment method particularly effective.

How do termite chemical barriers work?

chemical termite barrier installation imageIt’s absolutely vital that before a chemical termite barrier is installed, that a thorough termite inspection of the property is carried out. This is done to ensure that there aren’t any active termites inside. Obviously, if live termites are found within the property, they need to be treated before the barrier can be installed.

If live termites are discovered, we perform immediate treatment and return for a follow up inspection 21 days after, to ensure successful removal before installing the chemical barrier. Of course, if no termites are present, installation of the barrier can commence immediately.

The actual barrier is then installed via way of digging a trench around the perimeter of the building, approximately 300mm wide and deep enough to expose the footings of the building. This trench is then injected with a termiticide chemical compound mixed with water that binds with the soil.

As termites forage through the soil looking for sources of food, they come into contact with the barrier, which delivers a lethal dose of the chemical to the termites. The industry leading product is Termidor and is the only product that has what’s referred to as a “transfer effect” meaning the barrier not only prevents termites from entering your property but also passes over the effect of the chemical to other termites, which then eliminates the entire colony.

Termiticides unlike repellents are far more effective, as repellents simply deter termites, without killing them off or eradicating the main nest.

Pest-Ex always uses termiticide products, so you’ll have total confidence in knowing your property is protected.

Chemical barriers vs traditional physical termite barriers

chemical barrier termite treatment image

Chemical termite barriers are a great preventative solution for homes and buildings that have been built without a physical barrier in place.  They provide protection without having to make any costly structural alterations.

It should be noted that due to changes in building standards, that almost all new homes are now built with physical termite barriers in place. These are specially treated plastic or metal mesh type sheeting that is placed underneath or around the edges of the concrete slab (or on top of foundations), during construction of the building.

They are a great long term preventative measure as they have a life expectancy of up to 50 years.

However, for a lot of homes built prior to changes in the building code, a chemical termite barrier is an ideal solution. Chemical barriers allow your property to be protected for up to 8 years at a time, without compromising the structural integrity of the building.

In comparison, whilst physical barriers stop the termites from entering the property, if they’re not used in conjunction with a termiticide such as Termidor, they don’t have the added benefit of affecting the nest with the transfer of lethal chemicals to other termites.

Both when used in conjunction offer the most effective protection against termites.

How long do chemical barriers last?

termidor termite protection imagePest-Ex uses only high quality Termidor chemical barriers which last 8 years.

These barriers all come with a $2 million dollar assurance warranty from BASF Termidor. All of our installations are carried out in strict accordance with Australian standards, and as Termidor trained professionals, we are able to pass that assurance onto our customers.

All chemical barriers installed by us are certified. Upon completion of the install, this certification is acknowledged by BASF, and the customer receives the warranty certificate. It should be noted that this certificate of warranty is subject to 12 monthly inspections.

This is simply to ensure that your barrier is maintained to a high standard and also to ensure that we detect any potential disruptions to the barrier ahead of time before any termite damage occurs.

Chemical barriers and the safety of your children and pets

The active chemical used in termite barriers is similar to those used in many common pet flea treatments, so once in place it poses no immediate threats to children or pets.

It’s also a liquid based solution, which is injected into the soil, as opposed to an airborne chemical used for a large number of traditional type treatments. This means there is no risk of exposure for anyone accessing the area.

As a precaution, however, we do recommend for pets to be kept inside whilst the barrier is put in place.  The liquid barrier then usually takes around 3 hours to dry, after which you can rest assured in knowing that your children and pets can play safely in the yard.

chemical termite barrier safety children pets image

The typical cost of a termite barrier installation

Prices for termite chemical barriers vary depending upon the size of the property being treated. Cost is calculated per lineal meter, so larger properties obviously cost more.

For an average sized 3 bedroom home on a typically sized block, prices start from $2,300. This of course comes with a guarantee, yearly termite inspections are recommended as per Australian standards , and will protect your property for 8 years. This may seem like an expensive option, but if you factor in the cost over an 8 year period, you’ll realise it’s much more economical than having to deal with facing costly repair bills.

It’s always best to have one of our pest controllers inspect your property in order to provide an accurate quote, but more importantly to ensure that a chemical barrier is a right option for you.

How long does the installation take?

Similar to cost, the time that it can take for installation may vary depending on the size of your property and the area that needs to be protected.

Typically, we assign multiple technicians onsite to minimise installation times. To put an average sized barrier in place for a regular sized 3 bedroom home – with two technicians at work, and installation can usually be completed within 7-8 hours.  This means we can have your home protected from the threat of termites within a days of work.

Ready to work with Pest-Ex?

pest ex termite professionals imageIf you would like more information on our chemical termite barriers, or to discuss the best options for protecting your property against a costly termite infestation, please give us a call to schedule an appointment.

We’ll organise to have one of our pest control technicians inspect your property and provide you with a free quote, and to ensure that a chemical termite barrier is a right choice for you. If not, we’ll be able to provide another option that best suits your needs.

So give us a call today, we look forward to helping you.

4 responses to “Chemical Termite Barriers 101 – How They Work, Safety, Installation and Cost

  1. Hi,

    I am looking at buying a townhouse, and I will need a new chemical barrier like the one installed previously was done on 31/8/12 for an 8-year life expectancy.
    And I have few questions :
    – The barrier should have been done last year, is there any risque that termite could have gone in and damage the property? If so what are your recommendations?
    – If I would put a barrier now would I need to do any other work in terms of pest management to assure that there are no pests inside the property?
    – The townhouse is sharing a common wall on either side. Does that mean the body corporate should take care of the barrier as it needs to be everywhere around or is it still efficient if I do it and the others don’t?


    1. Hi Brice, Thankyou for your message.
      We specialize in termite barriers and are happy to assist with your townhouse,
      If the barrier has expired yes there is risk termites may get into a structure when the termite treatment expires.
      The process is a termite inspection is conducted first to ensure there are no termites in the building. If a termite barrier is done when termites are in a home there is high risk of trapping them in the home. If the termite inspection results are clear that’s great. the barrier/treated zone can be installed. If there are termites in the home we have to eliminate the termites by using a foam or baiting treatment internally. After 30 days we recheck to make sure termites internally are eliminated then we proceed with the termite barrier. In terms of body corp, it depends on what body corp company as some do the barrier treatments and some don’t. Feel free to contact us if you need a free quote and site assessment Regards Danny.K

  2. Dear team representatives,
    Hope everything goes well with you.
    I am writing to make an inquiry about the renewal of a chemical perimeter barrier. I just made a contract to purchase a house in Gold Coast. After inspection, we found the chemical perimeter barrier has been expired.
    I want to make an inquiry that how the chemical barrier will be renewed? Plug holes in concrete around the house or excavate trenches around the house again? How much will the renewal cost?
    Looking forward to your reply. Many thanks in advance.
    Best regards

    1. Hi, thankyou for the message, it is important to keep the termite barrier up to date by getting it replenished, I would recommend we do a free site visit and measure the home perimeter and site conditions and provide you with a free quote on renewing the termite barrier. This will include removing the existing drill hole plugs and retrenching and applying the termidor. Once its renewed it will come with a 8 year guarantee. You can contact us anytime here to book a free onsite quote ok.
      See you soon, regards
      Danny Kelly

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Very professional and able to identify our pest problem on the spot. Was on time and great communication with admin girls via...read more phone. Very conscious of keeping our pet safe after the treatment which was a classy touch. Highly recommend!
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6 months ago
Great people and always helpful and providing a good service.
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Thank you to Garyn who first identified the issues, he was extremely thorough and prompt and then to John and Janine and...read more the team who treated and area and placed the baits. The process was fully explained and they were extremely courteous and very professional. Thank you to all the team. The office also kept us up to date with when their representatives would be visiting and this is very much appreciated. Great work.
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After reading reviews, I'm glad that I chose Pest-Ex. Maria in the office was more than understanding to accommodate me and times....read more I was able to get a booking the same day I made the enquiry. Garyn my technician was even able to come earlier. When he arrived he was happy to explain everything that was going to happen and how to work around my pets and children. Need pest control done - hire these guys.
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Phoebe Worth
2 years ago
Impressed with the service. The technician Steve was on time, friendly and thorough - you could tell he was not rushing the...read more job. Will be using Pest-Ex again. Thanks guys!
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Mickey Ketch
a year ago
This company actually investigates the problem instead of just spraying your place and leaving. Very HIGH knowledge and experience in what they...read more do. They took the time to investigate the cause, the source of the problem and elimnated it completely which included going through every cupboard, cracks hiding spots the lot. We had a cochroach problem in our apartment for 3 months and we had 4 different companies come out and NONE of them investigated they only sprayed. After we called PestEx, Mr. Phillips was very knowledgeable and experienced eliminating our problem entirely. We also use PestEx in our shop and both Mr Phillips and Marty are EXCELLENT in resolving and maintaining pest problems. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PEST EX. BEST I'VE SEEN IN QUEENSLAND.