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Trelona Termite Bait System

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The new and advanced trelona termite baiting system is everything a termite baiting should be, with its initial launch in 2020 Pest-Ex has installed over 200 residential termite baiting systems around Australian homes and are more than impressed with its performance.

What sets Trelona apart from other baiting systems?

The trelona baiting system is different to the older style of baiting systems as it works 24/7, it contains internal “tablets” that contain cellulouse and the active ingredient novaluron. These tablets are safely locked in the stations, Termites love cellulose and consume it unknowingly also consuming novaluron, and chitin synthesis inhibitor that eliminates the complete colony through feeding.

Trelona baiting stations all contain the active tablets internally so as soon as termites intercept an in-ground station immediate feeding occurs and the bait/tablet is spread through the colony. Older termite bait systems contain wood only and bait is only added when termites appear in the timber. This can be a serious delay in eliminating the termite colony as there can be a 6-8 week delay in waiting for termites to be baited. The trelona baiting stations intercept termites immediatley & faster due to all stations containing pre-loaded bait.
The advanced bait matrix has proven to be irresistible to termites throughout Australia including Coptotermes and schedorhinotermes Australia’s most common home destroyers.

BASF the creators of termidor are the masterminds behind this unique system and have again created a world class product designed with safety for technicians and customers in mind and performance.

Trelona active ingredient


The active ingredient of trelona is Novaluron containing 5g/kg and is pre-loaded in a clear case containing entry holes for termites to access through natural feeding and foraging.

How is a Trelona bait system used on a home?

Pest-Ex has installed many trelona baiting systems around residential homes to control termite colonies in ground and in homes. Bait stations are installed around the home in a sequence that suits the specific home design and construction.

trelona bait system home

How often are trelona bait systems serviced?

Trelona baiting systems when installed by Pest-Ex are serviced 2 monthly, although the recommendations are 2-6 monthly by BASF Pest-Ex have seen during our initial trials on the Gold Coast & Brisbane termites have consumed the tablets inside a station in 9 weeks. It is extremely important that when termites have a new bait tablet to feed on when they consume an existing tablet. This ensures continuous bait consumption and will result in successful colony elimination.

How much is a Trelona termite baiting system for a home?

All homes are different and have different perimeter sizing therefore it’s difficult to get an exact cost of termite treatment price without a free site visit. The average price guide for a trelona system for homes ranges from $2,000-$4,000 and includes a termite inspection of the home and servicing and bait replenishment as required.

Why is Trelona to be used by professionals only?

Trelona is to be installed and serviced by authorized and BASF trained professionals, we understand exactly how the system works and how to use it in tricky situations on each different termite type. We know where core drilling is required externally on a home’s perimeter to ensure precise perimeter protection. Experienced technicians are trained on when complete colony elimination has occurred, as all termite species consume bait differently.


We can help, if you are interested in this new and advanced system.

Pest-Ex offers free site visits for clients interested in a in ground trelona baiting system, we assess the perimeter of your home and determine where baits need to be installed and how many. We will then provide a free no obligation written quote that is specifically designed for your home.

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