Article posted on March 31, 2017

Big Rains bring out some of Australia’s most venomous Spiders

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Big Rains continue to batter the Gold Coast from the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie.  The Big Wet has created an influx of one of Australia’s most poisonous spiders – the Mouse Spider.

But don’t confuse these with a Funnel Web spider.

Mouse Spiders have been found by 2 homeowners on the Gold Coast and a public school on the Tweed in the last 48 hours. Pest-Ex warns homeowners to take extreme caution around your home of office or even schools. Its expected over the next 5-7 days these sightings will be more common.

Mouse spiders are commonly mistaken for funnel web spiders, Mouse spiders usually live on ground and will nest in underground burrows up to a meter underground. It is expected the coasts big rains have flushed these nasties out from burrows and there appearing in homes and public areas looking for alternate accommodation.

How to identify a mouse spider

mouse spider 2 imageMouse Spiders have certain characteristics that differentiate them from Funnel Web spiders, which they’re often confused with. Some of those characteristics include –

  • Mouse spiders have a large head and jaws (Bigger than a funnel web)
  • Their raised head is smooth and shiny
  • The spinnerets (2x small segments at rear of butt) are small and button like, whereas the funnel web rear spinnerets are longer and sharper.
  • Legs are shorter and much stumpier
  • Up to 3.5cm long


These spiders can cause severe sickness in small children, mouse spiders aren’t usually aggressive like a funnel web but will bite if poked or prodded. These spiders are dangerous to humans and the large fangs will cause a painful bite. Their toxicity can be similar to a funnel web. Call emergency 000 if bitten.

First aid

  • If bitten call 000
  • Keep victim calm
  • Apply bandage over the bite with similar pressure as a sprained ankle

Pest-Ex have sent collected specimens for exact identification by a Brisbane entomologist and have been 100% identified as Mouse Spiders.

Residents of the South East are warned to keep a close eye out for these dangerous pests.

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