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Exterra Termite Baiting System Review

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The Exterra termite bait system has only been around for about a decade, but it has proven itself to be one of the best systems on the market. Find out why this product is one that we use here at Pest-Ex and why we consider it the industry leader in terms of termite protection.

How the Exterra termite baiting system works

Exterra has two types of baiting systems: in-ground stations (external/outdoors) and above-ground stations (internal/indoors).

In-ground stations – This is Exterra’s external bait system that’s installed around the perimeter of the property, every three meters. Termites naturally travel through the ground in hundreds of tunnels, and then they pass up through mud tubes making their way into the property in an attempt to find food sources (timber)

What the system does is intercept termites in the stations and stop them from reaching the home.

The Exterra baiting stations contain a product called Requiem, a substance that contains cellulose. It is a common known fact that termites eat wood, but the specific thing that they are after is actually the cellulose within the wood. Once in contact with Requiem, (which also contains moisture), the termites will start consuming it in place of timber. They will then naturally feed it back throughout the colony over one to three months, which in turn kills off the entire nest.

Above ground stations – If the termites are already active inside the house, we use Exterra’s above-ground stations. These are typically mounted near the or over the affected area as shown in the image below. Again Requiem is placed within the stations which causes overall elimination right back to the nest.

exterra termite bait station internal image

The Exterra difference

Our company has been using the Exterra Termite bait system for about a decade now and for good reason. More than simply being effective in the removal of termites, the real success lies in the patented design of the station itself.

The stations are mounted flush at ground level, which means they’re always in direct contact with the soil. This is beneficial because termites will naturally maike their way to the station as they travel through the soil.

When we install the station we add a number of attractants. They are –

  • Timber (we use Tasmanian Oak wood, a timber that termites prefer to eat)
  • An attractant called “focused termite attractor” directly where the bait station is located

An average home has 22 stations within the property, placed every 3m apart. These are checked every four weeks for any signs of termite activity. If we do find live termites, we’ll then add the Requiem bait as mentioned previously.

Maintenance is key – have your stations checked regularly

The Exterra termite bait system will work as intended and consistently protect your home from termites so long as it’s serviced regularly. Failing to maintain the system will result in termites simply eating all the components out of the stations and moving into any surrounding properties.

Therefore, it’s important that these stations—especially within the Gold Coast, Queensland and Brisbane areas—are serviced every month due to the tropical climate.

There are however, a number of pest control companies that offer cheaper alternatives and only recommend having the stations inspected every 6 to 8 weeks. This is a huge risk, because termites have a tendency to move fast. For instance, if just two of the stations around the perimeter of your home are eaten just a week after installation, then you potentially have a 9m gap where there’s no protection.

If the stations aren’t checked within the next three to four weeks, there’s nothing left to eat, and the termites will start making their way into the house. Companies offering a termite bait system check every three months should be avoided.

exterra termite bait station image

Why choose Exterra?

Pest-Ex has been using the Exterra baiting stations for more than 10 years with proven results. The active ingredient (Requiem) is a proprietary formula that constantly undergoes rigorous testing, development and research to ensure its constantly improved to make sure that it’s the leading product in the market.

One benefit of the bait itself is that it comes in a powdered formula, which can be mixed in accordance to the weather. In other words, we can mix it into a moist consistency during hot and dry summer months, and we can formulate a drier mixture during cold damp winters.

Other bait systems, on the other hand, just have the same unchangeable compound. Exterra offers more flexibility, allowing us to formulate the bait to the specific termite job we’re on.

Lastly, this systems biggest advantage (unlike its competitors) is that the baiting stations themselves are designed to be inspected with zero disturbance to the termites. On the cheaper stations, pest controllers have to physically remove the bait/timber to inspect them, which can cause the termites to scatter.

If this occurs then they can end up anywhere.

Exterra bait stations installation cost

A termite bait system installed around a house with above-ground stations, external stations, and a 12-month monitoring and baiting period typically costs around $3,000. For homes with an active infestation, it’s crucial to have both internal and external stations installed to ensure total elimination.

For homes without active termites, it is possible to install external stations to act as a protective measure. This way termites are detected well in advance before they reach your home. Once detected, we simply add the bait, and that ensures the nest is killed off before the problem becomes any greater.

It should be noted however that there’s no difference in pricing between an internal/external and external only treatment. This is simply because the installation time is roughly the same, regardless of location – not to mention ongoing maintenance and inspections.

exterra termite baiting system image


Installation of the Exterra termite baiting system guarantees a $100,000 timber warranty.

This is an Exterra warranty, and it’s issued 60 days after the systems have been installed, so long as there’s no activity. Alternatively, if the house has termites, the warranty starts once the termites have been eliminated and the house verified as being all clear.

Safety concerns

A common concern for most home owners when it comes to external baiting stations is the weather.

We’re often asked “Will the baiting stations still work if it rains?” The answer is yes.

It’s natural for stations to get water in them during heavy rains. Naturally, termites love moisture, so rain can infact increase the effectiveness of the stations. During heavy rain or flooding, the termites will simply retreat back beneath the surface and return to the stations once the ground has dried off.

In terms of children and pets, the Exterra is 100% environment-friendly. There are no toxic ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any poisonous or toxic formulas. The external casing of the stations are also locked and tamper-proof.

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