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Free Termite Check? Dont Be Fooled Its A Gimmick

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A Free Termite Check is one of the latest Brisbane and Gold Coast sales approach’s which pest control companies are using for marketing purposes only. But the truth is there is no such thing as a termite check, and local homeowners are thinking they are getting a termite inspection. so if it is offered to you be sure what you’re paying for.

Pest Control including a free termite check for $250? Really!

We see this used online with some company’s selling a basic pest control service and tacking on an extra $50.00 for doing a free so-called termite check.

A termite check is not a termite inspection.

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Pest Control Company’s must operate to Australian standards AS3660.2 – 2017  when completing all termite work. Termite Checks are not part of the standard as the only correct way to inspect a home for termites is a standard termite inspection in accordance with As3660.2-2017.

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  • A termite check is completely different to a termite inspection.
  • A customer wouldn’t know the difference between a termite check and a termite inspection as they both sound the same right? Wrong
  • A termite inspection is the legal way to inspect a home in accordance with Australian Standards.
  • A real termite inspection includes use of specialist equipment including thermal imaging and is listed for use in the Australian standard and takes at least 1 hour to do on a small home
  • A real termite inspection includes a 12-page Australian standard report

A free termite check is nothing but a look around.

As the pest control company is doing their pest control spray, they have a look. No detection equipment or thorough time spent inspecting your home. These companies promote a false service that isn’t standard practice and often leads homeowners to disappointment as there is no legal document or inspection report.

Recently a customer contacted us as they fell victim to a free termite check in Brisbane. The customer called for a second opinion. We advised her that a termite inspection should be a full inspection of all accessible areas of external areas of the home including internal areas and the roof void including moisture meter usage and thermal imaging camera. We also explained that termite inspections must come with a 12-page written report as per Australian Standards.

She advised us that all she received was a piece of paper saying her home is high risk of termites and should have a termite inspection immediately at a cost of $250! This customer was furious as she thought a termite check was a termite inspection.

A Gold Coast homeowner said her free termite check took 12 minutes to do. Then she spent an extra $250 then and there with the same company. So, this customer has spent $250.00 on pest control with a free termite check. Then receives a piece of paper stating she needs a termite inspection, so she spends an extra $250.00 then and there. A total of $500.00 for a service that should have been no more than $400.00.

These customers have been sucked in by a marketing approach that in the end has cost them more than it should have.

Pest control company’s offering free termite checks are cashing in by selling their standard pest control service for higher and leading customers to believe their home is getting a termite inspection. Then up-selling the legal termite inspection at an extra $250.

There is no legal report or responsibility offered from free termite checks as the homeowner will always receive a piece of paper stating that their home is high risk and they should have a complete termite inspection.

So, if termites are missed during the so-called termite check, there are no ramifications to the pest control company as they have recommended a proper termite inspection be carried out anyway. Check it in their fine print, the few company’s using this sleazy sales approach will usually have in fine print that there may be further recommendations. (A Termite inspection done correctly is always their recommendation)

Don’t be fooled with a free termite check.

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If you are genuinely concerned about termites and your home be sure to book an Australian Standard termite inspection. This is the best legal way to have your home inspected for termites. A termite inspection done correctly will ensure your peace of mind when it comes to termites.

Termite Inspections in accordance with Australian Standards are the best recommendation as it’s the proper way to inspect your home for termites.

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