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Termidor HE the only option for fussy Brisbane homeowner

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Recently we were called in to perform a termite treatment job in Brisbane.

Now here at Pest-Ex, we’ve performed thousands of termite treatments, including the installation of bait stations, chemical barrier installs, inspections and more. In that time, we’ve literally seen just about everything there is to know about termites.

However this job was a bit different.

In most cases, when we inspect the property, we make the best recommendations in terms of what are the most suitable treatments and we work with the homeowner to make those recommendations inline with their budget, and as well as our findings. However before even arriving at this particular job, the homeowner made it very clear that he wanted to use Termidor. Infact he insisted it.

Now of course, we had no problem with that, as it’s the main product we use, simply because it’s a tried-and-tested termite control technology that kills termites and eradicates entire colonies. In other words its the worlds leading product for termite treatment and prevention.

Upon arrival, we found out that this was a massive property, with a very expensive tiled area at the back. These weren’t your every day ordinary tiles either. They were imported Italian tiles, worth thousands of dollars per square meter.

When we perform a perimeter install, we usually always have to drill through either concrete, or tiled areas in order to inject the product into the soil beneath. Those holes are usually drilled every 200mm apart for best coverage and protection.

However these were 300mm tiles, and they weren’t cheap. The homeowner was particularly worried about about us drilling through them as not only could this lead to damage, but they’d look unsightly as well.

What we proposed: Termidor HE

chemical termite barrier image

Termidor HE unlike regular Termidor (whilst being slightly more expensive) is more efficient when it comes to soil absorption and coverage. We’ve used Termidor for 10 years, and based on experience, we know that it’s one of the best termite treatments out there. Since the client was on a budget, we proposed to him a plan wherein we would use the regular Termidor barrier around the property but this would result with drill holes unevenly through tiled areas. Termidor HE was the only option for this fussy homeowner.

He later told us that he compared our rates with other companies (also Termidor) and they came back at around $5,500. This is a lot more expensive than our quote. so naturally he picked us in confidence to perform the treatment.


We carried out the treatment using Termidor HE without damaging his tiles, for just over $3,600, a package that assured an eight-year termite protection.

Dealing with meticulous tile work

termidor he treatment brisbane image

Our company avoids this by using a special diamond tipped drill bit that allows us to cut a perfectly round 8 to 10 millimeter hole in the tile. No cracks, no marks.

Regular concrete areas just need a hammer drill with a sealed gray plug to match the concrete, but when working with tiles, we need to drill within the grout (the gaps between the tiles). This is a more delicate method wherein we use a water drill with the diamond tip core bit to cut the hole.

This client had a specific tile color, so we used our color match plugs (there are 14 different colors to choose from) to make sure that it was nice and neat.

Some customers will only use Termidor HE when it’s absolutely necessary to keep the neatness of the barrier. With this house, the client was against a termite barrier after getting quotes from other companies. However, once we explained what we’d be doing, along with actually showing him the coloured plugs, he had total confidence that the task would be done correctly – ensuring both 100% termite protection and no damage to his outdoor area.

Infact, this is something that customers commonly ask about – the visual impact of the holes.

This is a completely valid thing to be concerned about. Some companies offer cheap services where they would just come in and drill right in the middle of the tiles.

The end result

termite barrier using termidor he image

Not all termite barriers are created equal; a termite barrier from us is not the same as a termite barrier from another company. They might hammer drill through every single tile, and every single area, and not care too much about the overall finish.

We care about the finish, and we care about its presentation, especially around tiled areas. This is why we invest in equipment such as color match plugs, water drills, and diamond tipped drill bits so that the tiles aren’t damaged and they’re as neat as a pin when finished.

Are you interested in termite control?

If you have a similar concern, of if you simply want to know more about how Termidor works, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

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