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pest control nudgee imageFor professional quality pest control services in Nudgee and surrounding areas, choose Pest Ex.  We’ve been in the industry for over a decade, and we’ve provided fast, safe and effective services to thousands of happy customers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Logan regions.

We are experts at the detection of a range of common pests using high powered technology such as moisture detection and thermal imaging cameras, on the spot removals, regular pest inspections and termite treatments.  Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, and our pest control treatments have all passed stringent Australian safety standards.  Gone are the days when you used to have to leave the property when you had a pest treatment – nowadays treatments are safe to use around children and pets, and safe for the local flora and fauna.

Our friendly technicians receive ongoing training and are among the most qualified in the industry.  They can tackle large or small jobs, and we’re happy to take on one-off pest removals or inspections as well as undertake regular, scheduled pest inspections.

Give us a call today and find out why we’re the number one choice for pest control services in Nudgee.

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While Southern Queensland can be a fantastic place to live and work, it can also be a haven for pests of all shapes and sizes.  Termites and white ants, in particular, thrive in the warm and humid climate, and they take advantage of the abundance of trees and timber structures in the region to make their homes in.

Our termite control and prevention services are popular in Nudgee, and we offer a full range of solutions, from termite detection and pre purchase reports to physical and chemical barriers, baits, traps and other deterrents.  Our termite inspections for homes and businesses are thorough, and cover:

  • The roof – including trusses and frames, any skylights and vents, guttering and downpipes
  • The interior – floors, ceilings, floors in-built cabinetry and wardrobes, timber architraves and skirting boards
  • Underneath the building – including any crawl spaces and under decking, basement levels, stored timber and cellars, floor joists
  • The outside – our inspection covers the garden or landscaped areas, soil and drains, retaining walls, trees and tree stumps

During our inspection, if we find that you do have a colony of termites or even an infestation, we can handle the complete removal of all pests and treatment of effected areas on the spot.  Additionally, if you’re looking at building a new property or renovating an existing one, we can assist with termite prevention methods such as physical and chemical barriers.

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need effective pest control in nudgee?

Our reputation for outstanding pest control services is unmatched in the local area, thanks to our experience with a multitude of different pests and our safe and effective treatments.

Some of the most common pests we deal with in Nudgee and surrounding areas include:

  • Mosquitos and midges
  • Spiders and fleas
  • Bees and wasps
  • Rats and mice
  • Silverfish

We are flexible in that we can work in residential, commercial and industrial properties, and we have a wide range of customers, from house and unit owners, to restaurants, cafes and food service businesses, to office blocks, corporate premises, warehouses, schools and other educational facilities.

your number one choice for pest and termite control

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By choosing us for your pest control needs, you will have peace of mind knowing that:

  • We offer a 100% money back policy on all of our services, so if you’re not happy with any aspect of our work for you, we’ll refund your money in full
  • Our technicians are highly qualified timber pest inspectors (Cert 3 – Pest management technical) and receive ongoing industry training
  • Our treatment products are environmentally safe and can be used around children and pets
  • We use the latest in technology to ensure all pests and their activity are detected and removed
  • We are recommended by leading banks and real estate experts
  • We will give you a free, no obligation quote before starting any work

Prevent infestations & protect your property

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