How often do I need a termite inspection?

Australian Standards AS3660.2017 recommends a termite inspection to residential homes and buildings at least annually. High risk homes (Homes that have had a past termite issue or those near bushland or affected gardens/landscaping) Will require a termite inspection 6 monthly. The purpose of a termites is not only to determine if your property has termites, but also identify risks or areas that are conducive to termite attack. Most homeowners are unaware they have 3 or 5 areas around the home that will attract termites. So regular termite inspections are essential.

What are the signs of termites?

Signs of termites will usually appear visible once termites have become established in a home or building for some time. Signs of termites in a home may include the following-

  • Bubbling of window frames or skirting boards
  • Brown stain or softness in lower walls
  • Mud trails going up external walls
  • Mud trails internally

Early signs of termites usually include a clicking sound in the walls or window frames door frames or skirting boards.