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Article posted on November 21, 2017

Brisbane’s Top 10 Worst Suburbs for Termites

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Brisbane is well known for its laid back lifestyle, spectacular scenery and entertainment options, and it’s temperate, semi-tropical climate.  While it can be a fantastic place to live, it can bring its own challenges, including being a haven for pests of all shapes and sizes.  Termites, in particular, love the warm and humid weather – they need damp, moist conditions to be able to build their nests, underground tunnels and mud tubes to reach feeding areas.

Obviously there will be some environments that are better for them than others, areas where they will be more attracted to settling and building nests.  From our years of working at providing quality pest control in Brisbane, we’ve compiled a list of suburbs that tend to be the worst for termite infestations.  If you live in any of these locations, it pays to be extra vigilant when it comes to inspecting your property for termites, and getting a professional termite inspection conducted on at least an annual basis.

If you’re considering moving into a property in one of the suburbs listed, get a pre-purchase pest inspection completed before you do.  This can save you an expensive headache down the track if you do find that termites have moved in as well.


Known for the Westfield Shopping Centre, Carindale is also home to a large number of townhouses and body corporate complexes.  On average, these properties were built around 8 to 10 years ago and they would have had a termite treatment applied during construction – known as an under slab treatment – where a termiticide was sprayed in the area before the foundations were set.  This kind of treatment usually protects a property for around 8 years, then will deteriorate over time, with termite control measures needed after this time to ensure full protection.


alexandra hills brisbane image

Most properties in Alexandra Hills are located on spacious, green blocks of land, meaning lots of trees and lots of soil for termites to build nests and tunnels into.  Many of the calls we receive from this suburb are related to property owners suspecting they have termites in their gardens or yards.  A termite inspection in this area will look at all areas on the block of land, including any trees, tree stumps, drains, wood piles, outdoor structures such as sheds and garages, as well as the buildings.


When you think of a classic Brisbane suburb, chances are you’ll probably be imagining a place like Hendra.  It is well known for its sprawling Queenslander houses on large blocks of land and wide, Jacaranda lined streets.  Because of the large houses, amount of room and stunning surroundings, it’s popular with families.   Unfortunately termites are attracted to the area for these very same reasons, and we get between 10 and 20 calls a month from property owners who have found evidence of termites in their garden, home or garage, or just want a termite inspection to ensure these pests don’t get a foothold on their land.


Similar to Hendra, the suburb of Camp Hill is made up predominantly of older style Queenslander homes set on large blocks of land, with pockets of bushland in between properties.  This sheer amount of timber in the area will make an ideal breeding ground for termites, and is one of the reasons why we get so many calls from concerned property owners on a monthly basis.

Another reason is simply the way the majority of homes have been constructed, as well as the fact that the suburb is built on a hill.  Many of the older homes are built on a slope, with brick tiers underneath the building, and with a covering of decorative wooden lattice.  While it may look attractive, the lattice may be actually in contact with the ground, giving the termites a perfect route into the building.


termites carina brisbane image

Carina is an older suburb, and has a mix of old and new residential homes, surrounded by areas of bushland.  Interestingly, we get most of our calls about termites from property owners in Carina in newer homes.  This generally is because these homes are built on slabs that have had a physical termite barrier laid down during construction.  While these barriers do help to stop termites from entering a property through the foundations, they do deteriorate over time.  They also don’t actually repel termites, and any movement in the building can create rips or holes in the barrier, letting the termites in.


Calamvale is a high density suburb with many apartments and body corporate units, and we get many calls every month from property owners who are concerned that either a unit or duplex in their complex might have a termite issue, or they suspect their home might have them.  These types of properties are particularly at risk because once a termite colony settles in, they can travel up to 50 metres to build a new sub nest, and then up to 40 metres once that’s been established.  In a group of townhouses or units, this can mean the entire block is in range and can be affected.


termites annerley brisbane image

Annerley is one of the oldest suburbs in Brisbane, and has a lot of Queenslanders with large, green blocks, and generally the calls we get are from property owners who find evidence of termites in their gardens or backyards.  Because they are large, with generous storage areas, the Queenslander type of building may actually attract termites more than other homes, as people are tempted to store miscellaneous items that termites will eat such as wood and old papers.


Kenmore is a leafy suburb south west of the Brisbane CBD, and it mainly made up of newer medium density unit blocks and townhouses.  We get many calls every month from concerned property owners, mostly because the types of buildings makes Kenmore susceptible both in terms of under slab treatments wearing out over time, as well as termites making nests in group of homes that are located close to each other.


Established after the Second World War, Acacia Ridge is full of older style homes in a bushland setting, and it’s also surrounded by creeks and low lying ponds.  Brisbane is susceptible to flooding and has a low water table, meaning that areas such as Acacia Ridge have high moisture content and pockets of water logged soil, providing perfect breeding grounds for termites.


termites forest lake brisbane image

The dubious honour of first place goes to Forest Lake, and on average we receive 2 to 3 times the calls about termites than from other suburbs in Brisbane.  Forest Lake was the first master planned community in Brisbane, and was founded around 15 years ago.  While the suburb itself has received numerous awards for its design and surroundings, unfortunately for the residents the site was always going to be a haven for termites.  This is because when they originally cleared the land, they bulldozed the trees and shrubs into the soil, burying the termite colonies with them.  Although the new builds were constructed with under slab treatments, these do not repel termites and once the building has shifted and small imperfections in the barrier are created, the termites will simply find a way through.

In extreme cases, the termites can do tens of thousands worth of damage to a property (up to as much as $150,000), with entire rooms needing to be stripped and rebuilt, or wet rooms needing to be completely re-sheeted, re-waterproofed and re-tiled.

pest ex are the termite professionals

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If you do happen to live in any of these suburbs, or feel that you may have a termite issue, don’t put off calling in the professionals.  Every month or year that you wait, termites could be moving onto your property, and what could be easily treated can quickly turn into a full scale infestation, costing your thousands of dollars in repairs.

We have the experience, the expertise and the right tools to be able to find and treat any termites, as well as protect your property on an ongoing basis.

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Kent Bailey
11 months ago
Just had my home barrier treatment for termites by Pest Ex. In every way a brilliant job and fantastic friendly service unlike...read more anything else I have struck on the Gold Coast. This is a very professional company and every person involved was excellent in every way. Strongly recommend them to all who read this review because you won't do better.
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Christie McCabe
a year ago
On time. Efficient. Friendly. Informative. Well priced. Our experience with Pest-Ex was easy from the moment Reception answered our call. Our routine...read more pest inspection could be done the next day (a Saturday which is most convenient for full time workers). Karl arrived at 7am with a smile to complete the service and carried out the work efficiently informing us of the process where required. Thanks team.
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Chris Burt
2 years ago
Very professional and able to identify our pest problem on the spot. Was on time and great communication with admin girls via...read more phone. Very conscious of keeping our pet safe after the treatment which was a classy touch. Highly recommend!
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6 months ago
Great people and always helpful and providing a good service.
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Lorrie Cruickshanks
a year ago
Thank you to Garyn who first identified the issues, he was extremely thorough and prompt and then to John and Janine and...read more the team who treated and area and placed the baits. The process was fully explained and they were extremely courteous and very professional. Thank you to all the team. The office also kept us up to date with when their representatives would be visiting and this is very much appreciated. Great work.
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Donna Hamerton
a year ago
After reading reviews, I'm glad that I chose Pest-Ex. Maria in the office was more than understanding to accommodate me and times....read more I was able to get a booking the same day I made the enquiry. Garyn my technician was even able to come earlier. When he arrived he was happy to explain everything that was going to happen and how to work around my pets and children. Need pest control done - hire these guys.
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Phoebe Worth
2 years ago
Impressed with the service. The technician Steve was on time, friendly and thorough - you could tell he was not rushing the...read more job. Will be using Pest-Ex again. Thanks guys!
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Mickey Ketch
a year ago
This company actually investigates the problem instead of just spraying your place and leaving. Very HIGH knowledge and experience in what they...read more do. They took the time to investigate the cause, the source of the problem and elimnated it completely which included going through every cupboard, cracks hiding spots the lot. We had a cochroach problem in our apartment for 3 months and we had 4 different companies come out and NONE of them investigated they only sprayed. After we called PestEx, Mr. Phillips was very knowledgeable and experienced eliminating our problem entirely. We also use PestEx in our shop and both Mr Phillips and Marty are EXCELLENT in resolving and maintaining pest problems. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PEST EX. BEST I'VE SEEN IN QUEENSLAND.